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Annual report has been removoked under amended K-REACH[Update: 26 March 2018]. This requirement has been consolidated with Chemicals Control Act (CCA).

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According to the article 8 of K-REACH, any person who manufactures, imports or sells a new chemical substance or at least one ton per year of an existing chemical substance shall report the uses, quantity, etc. of the chemical substance every year to the Ministry of Environment (MoE). Changes of uses shall also be reported. Foreign manufacturers may appoint Korea-based only representative to submit annual report. This article has been updated according to the latest K-REACH presidential decree issued in 2015.

Obligation Target Who/When/What
Annual Report
  • New substance;
  • Existing substance(>=1t/y)
  • Who: M/I/seller;
  • When: before 30 June each year;
  • First deadline:30 June 2016;
  • What: uses, quantity;

Since annual report is required for all existing substances(>=1t/y) and its scope is much bigger than registration, more companies will need to meet this obligation. It shall be noted that the quantity is the volume of a substance imported/produced in a given year, not three years' average volume (EU REACH).

Alert: Major K-REACH Amendments

Jan 2017, K-REACH has recently gone through some major amendments. Annual report will be cancelled. Some info on this page is no longer accurate. For the latest updates of K-REACH amendments, please click here.

Exemptions from Annual Report

The following substances are exempt from annual report:

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