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Taiwan GHS Standards: CNS 15030 Classification and Labelling of Chemicals

By Little Pro on 2015-12-31 Views:  Update:2017-01-18

CNS 15030 Classification and Labelling of Chemicals is the main national standard for chemical classification and labelling in Taiwan. All other GHS-related regulations have referred to this standard. The standard was firstly issued by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs based on GHS Purple Book Rev 1 and was amended in 2009 in accordance with UN GHS Rev. 2. The latest version is issued in Jan 2015 and is based UN GHS Rev. 4.

Taiwan has adopted all building blocks of UN GHS. Companies can directly refer to the English version of the GHS purple book to classify their chemicals. The English version of this standard can also be purchased here. Please search "15030".

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