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Lupin Systems Limited  

safety Data sheet writing tool, label writing tool, data repository, manage DG stores, control access, reporting functions. GHS, ADG, WHS, SUSMP, APVMA

Location: Asia Pacific

David Gee

0404 960 664

EcoMole Ltd.  

REACH & CLP compliance, REACH registration, SDS authoring, Only Representative services

Location: United Kingdom

Tomas Novotny

+44 870 8 200 310


ToxPlanet offers a selection of information products designed to meet the needs of Toxicologists, Product Stewards, Industrial Hygienists, and other Chemical Safety professionals.

Location: Global

Judy Martin


KFT Chemieservice GmbH  

Regulatory and product safety consultancy, chemical compliance, registration, and documentation.

Location: Germany

Dr. Karl-Franz Torges


Chem-Safe Consultants Co., Ltd.  

Training and consulting on transport of dangerous goods by road based on ADR Safety audits on chemicals and dangerous goods factories

Location: Thailand

Pongnarin Petchu


CSP Original  

Tutorials, references, chemical regulations, GHS, hazard communication, dangerous goods, chemical risk assessment, substance restrictions

Location: Global

Little Pro

+44 (0)**** 818295


REACH registration & authorization, SDS authoring & translation, SDS software, CLP & GHS compliance, SVHC traceability, international regulatory watch, REACH compliance software

Location: France

Fangcun Zhou


DR. MACH Chemical Compliance & Competence  

Consultant for REACH, CLP, and cosmetic products (1223/2009)

Location: Germany

Dr. Bettina Mach


Formpak Software Limited  

Supporting fragrance, flavours, essential oils & chemical industries. Product development, project & ingredient management, document authoring, regulatory affairs & compliance.

Location: United Kingdom

Tim Schneider

+44 (0)1235 250020


REACH Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, CLP, BPR, Consortia and Project Management, Lead Registrant support, consultancy and learning and development, K-REACH

Location: Belgim

Francesca Furlan



Consulting and formation, REACH CLP BPR compliance

Location: France



Selerant Srl  

Safety data sheets authoring software.

Location: Global

Stephane Beaurepaire

+33 06 16230157

Compliant Product  

Legal and business consultancy, products compliance with EU legal and industrial requirements for safety and quality, labelling and packaging advice.

Location: Europe

Zuzanna Wisniewska


H2 Compliance  

REACH Registration, REACH Software, GHS and CLP support services, SDS Authoring

Location: Ireland

Kevin Hoban


TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc.  

REACH, RoHS, WEEE, PAH, China RoHS, Cal Prop 65, electrical safety, machinery safety, EMC

Location: Global

Scott Sagamang


Ekotoxicologicke centrum  

Regulatory consultancy for REACH, CLP, detergents, RoHS, WEEE, POPs, articles, biocides; Cosmetics Safety Assessment; Chemicals Risk Assessment.

Location: Europe

Martin Muren

+421 2 45943712

KIralia, S.L.  

Dossiers, registrations, notifications, authoring and more on regulatory issues, REACH, only representative, biocides, BPR, SDS, GHS, CLP, tox sheet notifications , ADR and more.

Location: Spain

Toni Cerda

+34 93 415 35 30

SBLCore s.r.o.  

SDSs and labelling authoring software, available in all languages of the European Union and Russian.

Location: Europe

Darina smejkalova

+420 702 170 168

Media Services, Ltd.  

Registration services, sales agent of toxicological testing institute, preparation of SDS and labelling, translation of technical documents into multi national language.

Location: Japan

Tadashi Hoshino (Mr.)



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