Turkish Regulation on the Inventory and Control of Chemicals (CICR)

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The Regulation on the Inventory and Control of Chemicals (CICR), known as "Turkish REACH-like regulation", entered into force on 26 December 2008 in Turkey. The main purpose of this regulation is to form a national chemical inventory in Turkey and gather hazard info on high volume substances placed on Turkish market.

This regulation requires that manufacturers and importers notify certain information to the chemical inventory of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU) on all existing and new substances, either on their own or in preparation(s), imported or manufactured in Turkey in quantities above 1 tonne per year. The deadline for notification is 31 March 2011.

 Note: This regulation has been replaced by KKDIK regulation issued in June 2017.

Data Requirements of CICR

Data requirements for inventory notification under CICR depend on the tonnage per annum manufactured or imported into Turkey:

  • 1-1000 tonnes per year: only basic information such as chemical identity, uses and classification and labelling;
  • 1000 tonnes per year or above: substantial information required including physicochemical, toxicological, and eco-toxicological characteristics of substances;

The picture below shows detailed info required for substances in above two tonnage bands.


Late Inventory Notification

Manufacturers or importers who have manufactured or imported substances on their own or in a preparation for the first time, in quantities of more than 1 ton per year after 1 Jan 2010, shall submit the information to MEoU within three months after one year from the date on which the substance was produced or imported for the first time.

Exemptions from Inventory Notification

  • Substances in transit;
  • Substances for national defense purpose;
  • Substances <1 ton per annum;
  • Naturally occurring substances;
  • Substances on the published list of substances for which hazard properties are well-known(i.e, noble gases, glucose, etc);
  • Polymers.

Update of Notified Data

New information (for example, new hazard data) obtained about a substance which may present a serious risk to man or the environment shall be submitted within 1 month since it is available. Manufactured and imported volume shall be updated every 3 years.

Only Representative

Companies outside of Turkey may appoint a Turkey-based representative to submit inventory notifications to protect their confidential business info. The rule of a Turkish representative is similar to the role of an only representative under EU REACH regulation.

Reference & Resources

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