Comparison of 2 Existing Chemicals Inventories in Thailand

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There are 2 national existing chemicals inventories in Thailand. Both inventories contain chemical substances that have been imported and produced in Thailand. One of them is called Thailand Existing Chemicals Inventory (TECI), which is maintained by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The other one is known as preliminary Thailand Existing Chemicals Inventory and maintained by the Department of Industrial Works (DIW). Both inventories are valid. In this article, we will compare those 2 inventories and share with you the best practice for checking existing chemical inventories in Thailand. 

FDA’s Thailand Existing Chemicals Inventory (TECI)

As a secretariat of the National Committee on Strategy Development for Chemical Management, the FDA has coordinated with related agencies (including DIW) on the development of TECI since 2014. The TECI maintained by FDA is designed as main national database for checking if a chemical substance is new or not. However, the inventory (volume 1) published in 2016 only includes 7,212 chemical substances chemical substances imported and produced in Thai market during 1st January – 31st December 2012. Each substance has been assigned with a TECI number.

To access the inventory, please click the link below:

DIW’s Preliminary Existing Chemicals Inventory

The preliminary existing chemicals inventory developed by DIW contains a list of chemical substances that have been declared as hazardous substances and other chemical substances that have been notified to DIW between 2012 and 2015. However, non-hazardous substances are not included.

To access the inventory, please click the link below:

Comparison of 2 Existing Chemical Inventories





Substances that have been imported or produced in Thailand between 1 Jan 2012 and 31 Dec 2012

Substances that have been declared as hazardous and other substances that have been notified to DIW between 2012 and 2015

Last update



Does it include non-hazardous substances

Yes (i.e, water, CAS 7732-18-5)


Best Practice

Currently, both inventories are incomplete. Before authorities clarify which one should be given a preference, both inventories need to be checked. If your substance is listed in one of those 2 inventories, you are lucky. This means that your substance will be regarded as an existing substance in Thailand. If your substance is not listed in both inventories, you shall try notifying it to DIW or wait for the inventory to be updated. Even if you know that your substance is new, there is no need to worry at the moment since there is no regulation requiring new substance notification yet in Thailand.

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