Taiwan TCSCA Amendment - Live Update 2019

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This page is a live report on the latest updates of the amendment of Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act (TCSCA) in Taiwan. You can also find links to download the key references you need to know.

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Live Report of 2019 Taiwan TCSCA Amendment

Date Live Updates
11 Mar 2019

EPA publishes revised regulations of new and existing substance registrations.

New substance registration types are aligned with OSHA's new substance registration requirement. The first list of 106 priority existing substances subject to full registration is published. 


26 Sept 2017

EPA added 13 substances to the list of Class 4 toxic chemical substances under TCSCA.

Those substances are often misused as food additives in Taiwan. To be more specific, the 13 substances include malachite green, maleic acid, maleic anhydride and coumarin, etc. They must be labelled with "prohibited for food use" in addition to complying with GHS labelling requirements.


14 Sept 2017

EPA publishes revised regulations on new and existing chemical substance registrations for consultations.

Main changes are listed as follows:

  • Registration type is harmonized with MoL's regulations for new chemical substance registrations.
  • Companies who import or manufacture >100kg/y existing chemical substances for the first time shall submit a late phase 1 registration within 6 months since the date of manufacture or import.
  • An annual reporting system will be implemented from 1 Jan 2019. Registrants need to submit annual report between 1 March and 30 June each year. The info required includes registrant info, registration info and the volume of manufacture or import for previous year. 


16 Jun 2017

Taiwan EPA notified proposed TCSCA amendment to WTO.

The amendment includes the following changes:

  • A new category called "chemical substance of very high concern" will be introduced  in addition to current 4 classes of toxic chemical substances. More power is given to EPA to regulate chemical substances of very high concern.
  • Other administrative changes regarding fees and protection of employees who report TCSCA violations. 


10 May 2017

EPA addes asbestos to the list of Class 2 toxic chemical substances and bans the production and use of asbestos immediately. 


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