How to Nominate Substances to Russian Inventory of Chemical Substances

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In Nov 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has launched an online service to collect industry nominations of existing chemical substances circulated in the Russian Federation or another member state of Eurasian Economic Union. In this article, we will give you an overview of existing chemical substance nominations in Russia.

Which Substances Can Be Nominated?

Substances on their own or/and substances in mixtures circulated in Eurasian economic Union can be nominated. There is no volume trigger. No evidence is needed to prove that a substance has been placed on the market before.

For substances on their own, it is necessary to take into account all impurities and additives present in a concentration of more than 0.1% (by weight) in the substance. For mixtures, components with a concentration greater than 0.1% (by weight) shall be submitted. If the concentration of a substance in a mixture is less than 0.1% (by weight), but it is likely that its content may be further increased, this substance is also recommended for nomination.

Which Substances Are Out of Scope?

Substances in formulated pesticides, and substances in chemical products which are listed in Appendix No. 1 to the EAEU TR 041/2017 (a list of chemical products not covered by the technical regulation), are not subject to inventory nominations.

Some of these exempt chemical products include:

  • Chemical products used for R&D
  • Perfume and cosmetic products
  • Food products

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Who Can Submit Nominations?

Only Russia-based legal entities (importers, manufacturers, etc.) can submit nominations.

How to Submit Nominations´╝č

Chemical substance nominations can be submitted via the link below.

If a company purchases the same substance from multiple suppliers or the company sells multiple products containing the same substance, the company only needs to submit one nomination for the substance once.

What Info Is Required for Nomination?

The information required for each substance nomination includes substance identity, use, estimated volume (the average volume of three years or planned amount) and GHS hazard classification.

UVCB Substance and Polymer

For a substance with complex and variable composition (UVCB substances) such as gasoline, nomination should be submitted for the substance as a whole (without separation into components). CAS number assigned to it should be provided (if any).

For polymer, it is necessary to provide information on monomers, as well as all additives in accordance with the recipe (for example, plasticizers, polymerization activators, etc.) in an amount of more than 0.1% (by weight). With regard to polymers themselves, due to their variability and variety, nomination is not applicable. However, it is optional to nominate polymers to the inventory.


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