GHS Implementation in Philippines

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Philippines has already implemented GHS in workplace through the "Guidelines for the Implementation of Global Harmonised System (GHS) in Chemical Safety Program in the Workplace" issued in 2014. GHS SDSs and labels are required for hazardous substances and mixtures in workplace from 14 March 2015.

The table below summarizes the latest status of GHS in the Philippines and the main requirements on SDSs and labels for hazardous chemicals.

Laws & Regulations
Implementation Dates
  • Substance: 14 March 2015 (Workplace);
  • Mixture: 14 March 2015 (Workplace);
  • DENR's timelines for priority chemicals and toxic chemicals are different (from 2016 to 2019);
  • Hazardous chemicals in workplace;
  • Priority chemicals list, substances subjec to chemical control orders, and toxic chemicals.
Labelling and SDSs
Confidential Business Info
  • Limited to substance name and concentration in mixture;

Guidelines for GHS Implementation

The Guidelines for the Implementation of Global Harmonised System (GHS) in Chemical Safety Program in the Workplace was issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DLOE) in the Philippines on 28 Feb 2014 and came into force on 14 March 2014. Industry has been given one year to comply with the Guidelines.

DLOE has not published its own guidelines or standards on chemical classification, labelling and safety data sheets. Instead, it directly refers to chemical classification criteria and relevant provisions on SDSs and labels in the UN GHS Purple Book.

However, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources's (DENR) Environmental Management Bureau published DENR DAO Order no 2015-09 guidance manual setting chemical classifiation criteria and requirements on the format and content of SDSs and labels.

DENR will implement the GHS guidelines for substances subject to Chemical Control Orders (CCO) and substances on Priority Chemicals List (PCL) first. DENR's timelines for GHS implementation can be found in the picture below.

Philippines GHS implementation

GHS Label Size Requirements in the Philippines

Philippines GHS label size

Reference & Resources

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