New Zealand Hazardous Substances Notice 2015

Little Pro on 2016-01-05

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in New Zealand has published its Hazardous Substances Notice 2015 requiring manufacturers and importers of hazardous substances to provide business contact info to the EPA. This new requirement takes into force on 19 Nov 2015.

A substance or product is considered to be a hazardous substance when it has one or more of the following properties:

  • explosiveness
  • flammability
  • oxidising capacity
  • toxicity
  • corrosiveness
  • ecotoxicity (toxic to the environment)

Products such as paints, glues, garden sprays, pool chemicals and cleaning products all have hazardous properties and are therefore regulated as hazardous substances.

Guidance on New Zealand Hazardous Substances Notice 2015

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