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Singapore has adopted the GHS in workplace since 2008. Under the Work Safety and Health Regulations which are administered by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), chemical suppliers must provide SDS for their hazardous chemical products, and any occupier of a workplace must label the containers of hazardous substances. The law has recently been amended by making reference to SS 586 on GHS.

GHS Laws & Regulations in Singapore

  • Work Safety and Health Act;
  • SS 586 Specification for hazard communication for hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods, which consists of the following three parts:
    • Part 1 : Transport and storage of dangerous goods,
    • Part 2 : Globally harmonised system of classification and labelling of chemicals - Singapore's adaptations, and
    • Part 3 : Preparation of safety data sheets (SDS).

Critical Dates of GHS Implementation in Singapore

  • 1 Feb 2012;
  • 1 July 2015;
Mixture (for user)
  • 1 July 2016;

Classification & Building Blocks

The latest GHS classification criteria are based on GHS rev. 4. In the event that there are two optional GHS concentration limits (for example, reproductive toxicity) given in the UN GHS purple book, the higher value is adopted in Singapore (aligned with EU).

The following GHS building blocks are not adopted in Singapore:

  • Flammable liquids category 4;
  • Acute toxicity category 5;
  • Skin corrosion/irritation category 3;
  • Aspiration hazard category 2;
  • Acute hazard to aquatic environment category 2 and 3; and
  • Chronic hazard to the aquatic environment category 3 and 4.

GHS Labelling in Singapore

  • Standard GHS label elements;
  • Small package (<=125 ml): minimum info includes product identifier, pictogram and a sentence "refer to SDS for additional information".
  • Language: English; however, it is mandatory to have warning labels in languages understood by all persons at work;
  • Label size requirements: depending on package volume (please refer to the table below).

Singapore GHS label

Safety Data Sheets

  • Format: standard 16-section SDSs;
  • Language: English;
  • The operation hours of emergency telephone number should be given if it is not available 24 hours;
  • For imported chemicals, local address and contact number should be stated;
  • SDSs should be reviewed every 5 years or revised within 6 months since new hazard info is made available;

GHS Adoption in Other Sectors in Singapore

Singapore has not adopted GHS for pesticides and consumer products yet.

Singapore GHS Reference & Resources

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