National Inventory of Chemical Substances in Brazil

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In Oct 2018, the National Chemicals Safety Commission (Comitê Nacional Sobre Segurança Química, or CONASQ) published a Preliminary Bill for the Inventory, Evaluation, and Control of Chemical Substances. The draft law sets provisions on the creation of a national existing chemical substance inventory in Brazil,  and on the evaluation and control of chemical substances.

National Inventory of Chemical Substances in Brazil

The article 6 and 7 of the draft law requires that producers or importers of industrial chemical substances in Brazil, including substances in mixtures, in an amount equal to or greater than 1 ton per year (based on three years' average), submit the following information to the National Register of Chemical Substances maintained by CONASQ. All substances gathered will be used to build the National Inventory of Chemical Substances in Brazil.

  • Company identification of producer or importer;
  • Substance identity such as CAS name or IUPAC name and CAS number if available.
  • Quantity produced or imported per year;
  • Recommended uses
  • GHS classification

It is expected that the deadline for submitting above info will be 3 years since the availability of a substance. For mixture, each substance exceeding 1t/y shall be submitted separately. For polymers, only polymers that do not qualify the criteria of polymer of low concern (PLC) shall be submitted. 

Scope of Inventory

The draft law mainly applies to >=1t/y industrial chemical substances. The following chemical substances are out of scope. This means that they do not need to be submitteed to the inventory. 

  • Radioactive substances
  • Substances in development or solely for research
  • Non-isolated intermediates
  • Narcotic and psychotropic substances
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agrochemicals
  • Cosmetics and personal hygiene products
  • Food and food additives

New Substance Registration

Once the national existing chemical substance inventory has been finalized, chemical substances which are not listed will be regarded as new chemical substances. Manufacturers and importers of >=1t/y new chemical substances need to register those new substances by submitting additional studies and risk assesment report. Data requirements will increase with tonnage bands.

Certain existing chemical substances on the inventory will be selected for evaluation.

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