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Vietnam National Existing Chemical Inventory

By Little Pro on 2016-10-28 Views:  Update:2017-01-18

Vietnam is developing a new national existing chemical inventory similar to other countries (US, China, Japan, etc) and a REACH-like registration scheme for new chemical substances (substances which are not listed in the inventory).

Latest Updates of Vietnam National Chemical Inventory

In Oct 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Vietnam published the first draft version of the national existing chemical inventory for consultations. The inventory only contains 3023 chemical substances (with CAS No. listed). The inventory can be downloaded below:

For chemical substances not on the draft list, companies can send substance information (using this form) to email address: khanhnd@moit.gov.vn or KhanhndVCA@gmail.com. The first consultation will end on 30 Oct 2016. However, more rounds of nominations are expected.

After the Vietnam national inventory of chemicals has been issued, chemical substances which are not listed in the inventory will be considered new chemical substances. Those new substances need to be registered before they can be used in Vietnam or circulated on Vietnam market.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has established a dedicated agency Vietnam Chemicals Agency (Vinachemia) to overhaul the chemical management in Vietnam.

Existing Chemical Management in Vietnam

Existing chemical substances are currently regulated by Vietnam Chemicals Law and by lists. Existing chemicals on different lists are subject to different requirements such as licenses and declarations. For more info about the chemicals law, please click the link below:



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