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Turkish Chemical Substance Inventory

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Turkish chemical substance inventory is a list of chemical substances submitted by chemical manufacturers and importers under the Regulation on Inventory and Control of Chemicals (CICR). Since the CICR has been replaced by KKDIK regulation in 2017, this inventory is no longer meaningful and valid. 

How to Download Turkey Chemical Substance Inventory

In December 2011, the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning (MoEUP) published the chemical substance inventory on their website in two parts:

  • 2,888 substances manufactured or imported ≥1 t/y and <1000 t/y (download);
  • 597 substances manufactured or imported at 1000t/y and above (HPV substances (download);

Please note that <1t/y chemical substances do not need to be listed in the inventory.

How to Comply

Turkey's KKDIK regulation issued in June 2017 requires companies to register all substances manufactured or imported with volume >=1t/y.


Reference & Resources

Click here to access all references and resources for Turkey including the English translation of regulations, regulatory lists and useful links to the websites of competent authorities.


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