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Turkey REACH-like Regulation: KKDIK Regualtion 2017

By Little Pro on 2016-01-05 Views:  Update:2017-05-11

KKDIK regulation is a new chemical regulation to be issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization(MoEU) in Turkey. "KKDIK" are the first letters of REACH written in Turkish. This regulation requires companies to register all substances manufactured in Turkey or imported into Turkey with volume above 1t/y before a given deadline. This regulation is more similar to EU REACH regulation and may be called real "Turkey REACH" when it is published. 

KKDIK will bring various Turkish chemicals legislation under one law. It will replace three existing laws:

  • Regulation on the Inventory and Control of Chemicals;
  • Regulation on the Preparation and Distribution of Safety Datasheets for Hazardous Materials and Products; and
  • Regulation on the Restrictions Relating to the Production, Supply to the Market and Use of Certain Hazardous Materials, Products and Goods.

Latest Status of KKDIK Regulation (Turkey REACH) in 2017

According to Chemical Watch, Turkey opens new consultation on its new draft KKDIK regulation (Jan 2017) and Turkey to publish its REACH within weeks (May 2017), the final regulation might be published in the first half of 2017. 

The summary of the draft KKDIK regulation is listed as follows:

  • Registrant: Manufacturer/importer/only representative appointed by companies outside of Turkey;
  • Registration target: All substances >=1t/y;
  • Pre-registration: End 2019 (new);
  • Registration deadline: Dec 2022 (new);
  • Annex 14 will be similar to REACH's authorization list
  • Annex 17 will be almost identifical to EU's REACH restricted substances list.
  • Annex 18 includes qualification requirements on technical experts who can sign off notification and registrations. 

Reference & Resources

Click here to access all references and resources for Turkey including the English translation of regulations, regulatory lists and useful links to the websites of competent authorities.


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