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References and Resources for Thailand

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Thailand Hazardous Substances Act

Hazardous Substance Act, B.E. 2535 - in English;

Draft Version of Amended Hazardous Substance Act

Draft Version of Amended Hazardous Substance Act - in Thai;

B.E. 2556 Hazardous Substances List (2013) in English - by JETRO

Hazardous Substance List with English Names and CAS No.

B.E. 2558 Ammending Hazardous Substances List 2013 - in Thai

This notice addes a new entry 5.6 to Hazardous Substances List

B.E.2558 Thailand Chemical Inventory Notification - in English

Non-offical Translation by ChemSafetyPro

Registration of Hazardous Substances - by JETRO.

Notification of the Ministry of Industry B.E. 2543

Official Presentation on Chemical Management in Thailand


Hazard Classification and Communication System of Hazardous Substances B.E. 2555 (2012) - by JETRO


Thailand GHS Classification List - Advisory


More Thailand References in English - by JETRO



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