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Thailand REACH and National Chemical Inventory

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Thailand is developing a national chemical inventory similar to other countries and a REACH-like registration scheme (Thailand REACH) for new chemical substances and priority existing chemical substances.

Thailand National Chemical Inventory

The Thailand Department of Industrial Works (DIW) released a preliminary inventory of existing chemical substances in August 2016. You can search the inventory by CAS no. or trade name it via the following link:

The inventory combined the hazardous substance list, the latest hazardous chemical notification list, the chemicals listed in the DIW consultation database and possibly the National Single Window List from the Customs. Many companies have submitted hazardous substance notifications in 2016. Those substances will be added to the inventory in 2017.

The existing chemical nomination will be closed by December 31, 2016. After the closure of nomination, chemicals not listed on the existing chemical inventory will be considered to be new, and a notification will be required.

Thailand REACH: Proposed Existing Substance Management

The regulatory requirements for hazardous substances in the national chemical inventory almost remain unchanged (for example, notification of production/import volume, hazards, licenses based on different hazardous substance types). The only difference is that chemical substances in the inventory will be screened. Substances meeting the following criteria will be prioritized for screening.

  • Production/import volume>=10T/Y;
  • CMR category 1A/1B;
  • PBT/vPvB;
  • Substances of equivalent concern;
  • Substances included in internal conventions.

Substances which are identified as SVHC after screening will require the submission of chemical risk assessment report. Grace periods will be given based on tonnage bands. Companies can carry out the joint submission and share costs. As the result of the risk assessment, the hazardous substance type of the assessed substances may be designated or updated.

Thailand REACH: Proposed New Substance Management

New chemical substances are those that are not listed on Thailand national chemical inventory. Basically, new substances that are not hazardous or do not meet SVHC criteria qualify for simplified risk assessment report. Otherwise, full risk assessment report will be required. In addition to that, notification of production/import volume and hazard is required if the volume of hazardous new substance is above 1t/y (see Thailand Hazardous Substances Notification). Listing new substances in national chemical inventory is possible after 3 years.

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