Cadmium and its compounds

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Cadmium and its compounds are known to be human carcinogens based on sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity from studies in humans. Cadmium and its compounds are mainly used in batteries, pigments, alloys, electroplating and coating, and used as stabilizers for plastics.

Cadimum and its compounds and REACH annex XVII

Cadmium and its compounds are included in REACH Annex XVII restricted substances list (entry 23). The restriction conditions are listed as follows

Product Limit

Mixtures and articles produced from the following synthetic organic polymers and plastics such as PVC, PUR, LDPE, CA, UF, PET, epoxy resins, VPE, PP, etc.

Some execeptions for recovered PVCs.

The concentration of cadmium (expressed as Cd metal) in plastic material <=0.01%

Paints with codes [3208] [3209].

If the paints with codes [3208] [3209] contains more than 10% zinc, the limit is 0.1%.


Painted articles

The concentration of cadmium <=0.1 % by weight of the paint on the painted article.

Cadmium plating metallic articles or components of the articles used in equipment and machinery used for food production, agriculture, printing, paper, household production, furniture production, sanitary ware production, central heating, etc.

Sectors excluded:  aeronautical, aerospace, mining, offshore and nuclear sectors.


Brazing fillers (excluding defence and aerospace use)


Metal in metal beads and other metal components for jewellery making, and metal parts of jewellery and imitation jewellery articles and hair accessories.

<=0.01% by weight of Cd metal

Cadmium and EU RoHS 2

EU RoHS 2 restricts cadmium and its compounds in all electrical and electronic products. The limit is 0.01%. The limit applies to each homogeneous material in a product rather than a product or a part itself.


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