Lead and its compounds

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Lead and its compounds are known to cause adverse effects on human's blood, kidneys, and nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems. Lead is also regarded as a probable human carcinogen. Lead and its compounds are mainly used in batteries, metal product production, and paints.

Lead and its compounds and REACH annex XVII

Lead and its compounds are included in REACH Annex XVII restricted substances list (entry 63). The restriction conditions are listed as follows

Product Limit

Any individual part of jewellery articles.

Exceptions: crystal glass, internal component of watches, non-synthetic or reconstructed precious and semiprecious stones, and enamels

The concentration of lead (expressed as Pb metal) <0.05%

Articles supplied to the general public, and  articles or accessible parts that may, during normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, be placed in the mouth by children.

Exceptions: jewellery articles, crystal glass, non-synthetic or reconstructed precious and semiprecious stones, enamels,  keys and locks, musical instruments, brass alloys (<0.5%)


The limit shall not apply where it can be demonstrated that the rate of lead release from such an article or any such accessible part of an article, whether coated or uncoated, does not exceed 0,05 μg/cm² per hour.

Lead and EU RoHS 2

EU RoHS 2 restricts lead and its compounds in all electrical and electronic products. The limit is 0.1%. The limit applies to each homogeneous material in a product rather than a product or a part itself.

Restriction of Lead Compounds in USA

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) restricts lead and its compounds in children's products and some paints and surface coatings. The restriction limits are stricter than EU.


Product Limit

Children's products 

Total lead content in accessible parts <0.01%

Paint and similar surface coatings for all children's products and some furniture 

Total lead content <0.009% 

Pb and Other Regulations

Pb and its compounds are also restricted by the following 2 regulations:


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