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MoEL Public Notice No. 2016-19 The Standard for Classification Labeling of Chemical Substance and Material Safety Data Sheet

By Little Pro on 2016-04-12 Views:  Update:2018-02-09

In April 2016, South Korea's Ministry of Employment and Labour (MoEL) has published a notice no. 2016-19 to revise its GHS standard MoEL public notice 2013-37 the standard for classification labeling of chemical substance and material safety data sheet. The new standard stipulates the latest chemical classification criteria, the content of SDSs/labelling, and phrases for various hazard and precautionary statements in Korean.

The new standard is aligned with UN GHS Rev. 4. Compared to MoEL public notice 2013-37, the new standard adds a new hazard category hazardous to the ozone layer, aligns all hazard statements, precautionary statements and codes with UN GHS Rev. 4 and changes the names of old regulations such as TCCA to K-REACH and Chemical Control Act (CCA).

How to Get MoEL Public Notice 2016-19

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