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China GHS Standard: GB 30000.2-29-2013 Safety rules for classification and labelling of chemicals

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In 2013, the Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China (SAC) issued 28 compulsory chemical classification standards (GB 30000.2-2013 to GB 30000.29-2013 Safety rules for classification and labelling of chemicals) and each standard corresponds to one hazard class under GHS. The standards come into force on 1 Nov 2014.

Those classification standards are fully aligned with UN GHS Rev. 4 and have adopted all building blocks under UN GHS Rev. 4 including aspiration hazards and hazards to the ozone layer. For those who are interested in knowing chemical classification criteria in China, they may directly refer to the English version of UN GHS Rev. 4 since GB 30000.2~29 are directly translated from UN GHS Rev. 4.

Other Important GHS Standards in China

Safety Data Sheets


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